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De Ondernemer:young entrepreneurs Crispijn and Erik want the world to their 'healthy coffee'

In July 2020, Crispijn de Koning (25, left), together with his partner Erik Messemaker (25, right), launched the alternative to coffee they developed: Verum. Nine months later it is in cup form in one of the largest supermarkets in the Netherlands. From now on via the webshop and from April 20...

Catering trends:Experts predict a great future

Experts predict a great future for it superfoods coffee alternatives in the Netherlands. Verum Drinks, the company that makes an innovative coffee alternative with special superfoods and special plant extracts, now also comes with a large packaging for the catering industry. We were very curious about this new plant-based concentration drink and...

538 Morning show - Crispijn about Verum Drinks

On January 19, Crispijn was a guest in the live broadcast of the 538 Morning Show. He talks about what makes Verum special and it shows that Frank Dane is right in the middle of the target group.

Telegraaf: Healthy alternative to cup of coffee!

THE HAGUE - A stimulating cup of coffee without the negative side effects of caffeine: entrepreneurs Crispijn de Koning and Erik Messemaker think they have the perfect alternative to coffee. "We respond to the need for a conscious lifestyle." Three years ago drastically cutting back on coffee was one of...

The challenge drive of Crispijn de Koning van Verum

When co-founder has to define the taste of the drink produced by him and colleague Erik Messemaker, the entrepreneur ends up with coffee-like notes of cocoa and a strong hint of ginger. The drink is drunk in combination with hot water and contains very little caffeine and many vitamins and...

AD:How Verum should become the new 'coffee'

How two young entrepreneurs think they will change the coffee culture. Or no, will change. With their Verum. Click here on the link of the video

If you have a dream: do it!

He is 25 years old and has already sold two successful companies and set up a third. This earned Crispijn de Koning a nomination for Most Inspiring Entrepreneur of the platform De Ondernemer. And you can vote for this former student of The Hague University of Applied Sciences! Crispijn calls...

Crispijn de Koning & Erik Messemaker nominated for most Inspiring Entrepreneurs.

Crispijn was a live guest in the broadcast of New Business Radio to tell about Verum Drinks and the nomination. Click here for the link

The Prototype:Verum becomes the alternative to coffee. Erik & Crispijn came up with it.

The Prototype: Verum becomes the alternative to coffee and Erik and Crispijn came up with itt) When Erik Messemaker and Crispijn de Koning went for a health challenge from ten to zero cups of coffee a day, they got a banging headache. But they also quickly felt the good effects...

The Entrepreneur:Verum as a competitor of coffee:Crispijn (25) and Erik (24) dare

Today - 16 July 2020 - Crispijn de Koning and Erik Messemaker are launching the Verum brand, a hot drink that should turn traditional coffee culture upside down.