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Catering trends:Experts predict a great future

Experts predict a great future for it superfoods coffee alternatives in the Netherlands. Verum Drinks, the company that makes an innovative coffee alternative with special superfoods and special plant extracts, now also comes with a large packaging for the catering industry.

We were very curious about this new plant-based concentration drink and were able to taste it recently! Because Verum Drinks is touted as the decaffeinated coffee alternative, we assumed a predominantly coffee-like taste in the editorial board. We were therefore very surprised at the first sip; a combination of several flavors in which coffee does not necessarily predominate. With every sip you taste the fresh, slightly bitter of ginger, slightly creamy cocoa, with a hue of cinnamon in the background and the aroma of coffee. 

We were somewhat surprised at the first sips of Verum Energize, but the completely new flavor combination quickly got used. In addition, there was variation in mixing the sachets with hot water, fresh milk and combinations thereof. After some experimentation, the combination of 1/3 part fresh whole milk and 2/3 part hot water was most appreciated; a pleasant balance due to the refreshing drink with a creamy and airy head.

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Drinks that empower

An energy boost without caffeine That is certainly possible nowadays! The food world has changed a lot in recent years and the guys from Verum Drinks see that more and more people are looking for a better alternative to caffeine.. Verum Drinks has accelerated this development by developing an alternative that creates the same energy boost, but this is not at the expense of your sleep quality and stress level. This fits in perfectly with the increasingly healthier and conscious lifestyle.

Rollout of Verum Drinks in the hospitality industry

In addition to the healthy effects for body and mind, Verum also has an innovation in taste. For example, the cocoa coffee flavor is combined with taste notes of special cinnamon and ginger varieties, so that Verum can be perfectly served as a latte variant. From this month Verum is available especially for the catering industry via their website or by contacting Crispijn & Erik via ​ Later this year, Verum will also be available through major catering suppliers..

The entrepreneurs behind Verum Drinks

Crispijn de Koning & Erik Messemaker -the gentlemen behind Verum Drinks- are no strangers in the hospitality industry and brought the brands among other things Westlander Beer & Whisk Matcha in the hospitality industry.

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