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Healthy alternative to a cup of coffee! A stimulating cup of coffee without the negative side effects of caffeine: entrepreneurs Crispijn de Koning and Erik Messemaker think they have the perfect alternative to coffee. We respond to the need for a conscious lifestyle..”

Drastically cutting back on coffee was one of the experiments in Crispijn de Koning's quest for a healthier life three years ago. The result: more energy, no dips and a better night's sleep. The young entrepreneur immediately sensed an opportunity. And that was not the first time: De Koning started companies during his studies in business administration. By the age of 24, he had successfully sold two, including specialty beer brand Westlander Bier.

Challenging combination

It turned out to be a challenging combination. All kinds of ingredients that stimulate energy and concentration without raising the cortisol level went into the blender, the combinations were investigated with the help of scientists, celebrity chefs and baristas. Taste was just as important. And that was actually the biggest challenge, remembers De Koning.h.

The final recipe is full of vitamins, minerals and stimulating plant extracts. The drink is supplied in powder form in sachets, a new flavor in a cup will follow very soon. The ingredients are imported from South America and Asia. Messemaker focuses on product development: At a later stage we will examine whether we can produce more locally and thus create employment..”

The entrepreneurs want to quickly scale up internationally, starting with Germany and Belgium. There are also lines to Scandinavia and they hope to cross the large lake by the end of the year. The bigger your company, the more accessible your product becomes, according to De Koning. The duo has financed a ton from their own pockets, talks with investors are currently underway.s.


The pandemic has not presented any obstacles to the start-up of Verum, on the contrary. De Koning: People started living more consciously and attached more value to healthy food. There were other obstacles. As an entrepreneur you are enthusiastic and optimistic. At the launch, we shouted that the orders would be there within two weeks. That was a month and a half. Fortunately, you can solve a lot by talking to”

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