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Where it all started!

After more than a year of development, from mixing ingredients in our own shed to full production at a professional location. July 16, 2020 we launched Verum Drinks!

The first drink where three worlds come together. Superfoods, Vitamins & without caffeine.

The products from Verum ensure a good balance of your sleep molecule adenosine and your stress hormone cortisol and, on the other hand, even create a sustainable energy boost.

We call that; Drinks that Empower!

After a successful launch, time for even more innovation!

Erik is our man of products and innovation. Erik is always full of cool ideas and not a week goes by in which he does not come up with a new innovation. So in October he came up with the idea of combining our superfoods world with the existing coffee capsules.

Erik spent days (and nights) in production to optimize everything, but that was not so easy ...

Tasting thousands of cups!

As you can see on the right, Crispijn is a connoisseur and where Erik came up with the innovation, Crispijn brought Verum's story to the attention. Together with other gourmets, he tested the new cups on the market with ultimately great news…


For five months and thousands of cups later, in January finally the moment had come and all variables were perfectly adjusted to each other in the right cup!

The Verum Dély Energize!

A special combination of Superfoods, Vitamins & Décaf coffee beans. A fantastic experience of a traditional habit with the power of the healthiest superfoods!

The Verum Dely Beauty!

Coffee & Beauty Yes, as the name suggests, this new variant is good for your external care. The scientifically proven ingredients ensure healthy hair, clear skin and firmer nails. One of the most important ingredients of the Beauty Cup is Collagen, which together with Anagain provides the external stimulation..