De challenge drive van Crispijn de Koning van Verum

The challenge drive of Crispijn de Koning van Verum

When co-founder has to define the taste of the drink produced by him and colleague Erik Messemaker, the entrepreneur ends up with coffee-like notes of cocoa and a strong hint of ginger. The drink is drunk in combination with hot water and contains very little caffeine and many vitamins and minerals. Clearly. De Koning shares his entrepreneurial stories and successes, plans and advice for starting entrepreneurs with host Joni Hendrix. Plus the things that didn't go perfectly with the start-up.p.

From our editorial staff January 12, 2021

What Hendrix especially wants to know from De Koning: how do you get the often coffee addicted Dutch person to a much healthier and less stressful drink like Verum? And is it tasty? The presenter on duty is not the least bit and tastes in the studio. The entrepreneur also talks about the remarkable challenges he has taken on, on a personal and business level. 'A real kick', according to De Koning and he ignites the hostess of StartUp Stories.n.

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