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These entrepreneurs came up with a caffeine-free alternative to the well-known cup of coffee pleuâh'’

The Dutch drink an average of 2.4 cups of coffee per person per day. But caffeine does not only have positive effects. After the high comes the inevitable low. And so Maureen van Velden, Crispijn de Koning and Erik Messemaker came up with Verum Drinks, a caffeine-free alternative to that cup of pleuâh.

Till Behne10-06-22, 11:01

Humans cannot function without caffeine?

“That's right! Verum Drinks has that real coffee taste, and the advantages of caffeine, but not the disadvantages, such as the restlessness and the dip. You can see our products as a coffee of superfoods, full of vitamins. It creates a sustainable energy boost and ensures a good balance of the sleep molecule adenosine and the stress hormone cortisol. The superfood EnXtra, a ginger root from India, plays an important role in this. This is the first and only botanical ingredient proven to work the same day, enhancing alertness and focus for up to five hours.”

Let people really have their daily coffee for this?

“Crispijn and Erik loved coffee. A little too crazy. They therefore took part in a challenge and did not drink coffee for a month. They thought it would be very hard, but the opposite turned out to be true. There was energy for ten and there was no caffeine dip. Now they swear by it. We feel that the general view on healthy food is becoming more and more positive. Corona has of course accelerated this. Our target group consists mainly of women who are consciously involved with nutrition. Whether that is for health reasons such as a gluten allergy or an irritable bowel syndrome. Or because they are vegan.”

What makes you typically Westlands?

,,Crispijn and I were born and raised in the Westland, but we all have the same mentality. We are hard workers and we think big. An attitude that has taken us far and of which we are proud. Our ambition is to become the largest player in Europe in the field of superfoods and vitamins. That's why coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world.”

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