Wat zijn de voordelen van onze Verum Chai Energize en welke superfoods en vitamines zitten erin?

What are the benefits of our Verum Chai Energize and which superfoods and vitamins does it contain?

The Verum Chai Energize is already the third coffee alternative from Verum Drinks. Just like the Verum Cacao Energize and Verum-Dély Energize, this one is also full of superfoods and vitamins. Chai literally means tea in most languages. In the Netherlands, the Chai is known as a spicy Indian tea thanks to the Masala spices present. You probably also know this Chai as Masala Chai. 

Huh Actually, the Verum Chai Energize is not coffee Nope, that's right! On paper it's a tea, but we make it into a Latte! We have therefore developed our Chai in this way. Think of it like a tea Latte.. 

So you should preferably drink our Chai with milk. And what kind of milk That's up to you!!

The ingredients, explain!

  • Black tea

Black tea? I hear you thinking.. Normally contains theblack tea the highest caffeine content, but our Verum Chai Energize naturally contains adecaffeinated variant . This variant brings a number of advantages. This ingredient contains many antioxidants that remove aggressive substances that cause damage to cells and tissues. In addition, black tea lowers blood pressure and lowers the risk of stroke.

  •  Cinnamon

The great tastemaker in the Verum Chai Energize iscinnamon (extract). Cinnamon falls under the superfoods and therefore has many benefits. In addition to the seductive taste, cinnamon ensures a stable functioning of glucose and fat metabolism through the mineralchrome. It maintains your blood sugar level by converting the sugars into energy. Furthermore, cinnamon has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, blood pressure lowering and anti-allergic effect. look, dThere are further advantages.

  • Lucuma

Another superfood in this caffeine-free Chai Latte variant isLucuma. This superfood is high in antioxidants and vitamins. Lucuma has an anti-inflammatory effect and contributes to a strong immune system. It is also good for your skin and promotes wound healing. Another advantage of this superfood is that it ensures a fast metabolism. Lucuma is therefore very healthy and also provides a delicious sweet taste.

In addition to taste, the black tea, cinnamon and Lucuma also provide many healthy benefits. In addition to these two ingredients, the natural aroma, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, Himalayan sea salt and Stevia extract also provide a sweet, but also a bit spicy taste.

  • EnXtraTM (Alpinia Galanga)

What is also in the Verum Chai Energize is the superfood EnXtraTM . This powder comes from a ginger root, also called Alpinia Galanga named. This ingredient provides a natural energy boost of 4-5 hours. A boost without the help of caffeine. How nice is that. In addition, EnXtraTM works as a pain reliever and helps against nausea as well as against stomach and intestinal complaints..

Which vitamins are in the Verum Chai Energize?

  • Vitamin B2

first of allRiboflavin, a synonym for vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 has several functions in the body. It is good for your nervous system and very important in the (energy) metabolism process from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In addition, it helps protect cells in your body from oxidative damage, which means damage from oxygen. Damage caused by oxygen Yes, you can, for example rusting metal or the browning of fruit. Furthermore, vitamin B2 good for healthy skin and mucous membranes, it ensures the maintenance of a good iron level in the blood and helps against fatigue.

  • Vitamin B3

Niacin is used in the chemistry world forvitamin B3. This vitamin also plays an important role in the (energy) metabolism process. In addition, Niacin also an important role in the protein metabolism process. It is also good for your skin and mucous membranes, nervous system, memory and helps with fatigue. Thevitamin is immediately absorbed into your blood. If your body does not need it, it is excreted again through your urine. It is therefore important to get the vitamin regularly.

  • Vitamin B8

biotin is the chemical name ofVitamin B8. biotin you mainly need to release energy from food. Like vitamins B2 and B3, Biotin plays an important role in the (energy) metabolism process. In addition, the vitamin is also of great importance for a well-functioning nervous system, your performance and learning capacity, and it contributes to good skin and healthy hair.

  • Vitamin B12

This vitamin is also called cobalamin named. Vitamin B12 is especially essential in the production of red blood cells. Forms of anemia are prevented in this way. Red blood cells play an important role in transporting oxygen through your body, breaking down certain amino acids and contributing to an improved resistance. This vitamin also has a positive effect on the nervous systemand smooths out fatigue.

Sounds deliciously healthy, right What are you waiting for Order your Verum quickly or request a sample pack via maureen@verumdrinks.com..  

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