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Verum Energize Cappuccino

The first Decaffeinated Superfoods Cappuccino. How to make a Verum Energize Cappuccino 

  1. You start by heating the milk variety in a pan. Try to heat the milk to about 70 degrees.

  2. At this point, froth the milk by whipping it vigorously with a whisk or use an immersion blender with an attachment to whisk it.

  3. Prepare Verum Energize with 70 ml of hot water. Just beat with a spoon or whisk.

  4. Meanwhile, gently beat the pan with milk foam on the counter several times.

  5. Try to get a compact and creamy layer of cappuccino foam on your milk. Tip; for example use Barista variants such as Oatly Barista.

  6. Then pour the whipped milk variant into the cup of Verum.

  7. Voilà! The Verum Energize Cappuccino is ready to drink!