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De Verum Dely Energize. What are the benefits and which superfoods and vitamins do they contain?

The Verum Dély Energize is Verum's first product as a cup variant. These cups are compatible with Nespresso machines and are the perfect replacement for your daily cups of coffee. The great thing about the Verum Dély Energize is that your coffee habit remains the same, such as the energy boost and the taste, but without the dependence on caffeine. The boosts are provided by the superfoods and vitamins in the coffee.

Which ingredients are in the Verum Dély Energize?

First of all theground organic decaffeinated coffee beans
This ground organic decaffeinated coffee provides the taste of the Verum Dély Energize. Because it is made from real decaf coffee beans, the contents of the cups really taste like coffee. The advantage of this is that it does not change your coffee taste. This makes it the coffee replacement for Verum.

EnXtraTM (Alpinia Galanga)

What is also in the Verum Dély Energize is the superfoodEnXtraTM. This is also called Alpinia Galanga. The main effect of the Alpinia Galanga is that it provides a natural energy boost. So for the energy boost, caffeine is no longer necessary. In addition to the energy boost, the superfood also boosts your memory and improves insulin sensitivity in your body. Further helpsAlpinia Galanga against nausea, stomach and intestinal complaints and works as a pain reliever.

Korean Ginseng Extract (Panax Ginseng)

ginseng is a very versatile superfood because it gives many positive effects to your body. There are different types of Ginseng of which the Korean variant is the most powerful. Ginseng comes from the roots of the Ginseng Plant which is only harvested after 4 to 6 years. Panax literally means heals everything." The name is therefore due to the many advantages that the superfood offers.

Thepositive effects What Panax Ginseng has on the body is that it gives your body energy. This increases your stamina and gives you more strength. So it helps to improve physical performance. Ginseng also containsadaptogens, which are substances that have balancing, restorative and protective properties. Due to these properties, the superfood Ginseng ensures that your stress level is reduced and brought into balance. It also helps stabilize your blood sugar levels and protects your cells. Ginseng also has an antioxidant effect that prevents aging. In addition to all these benefits, Ginseng also improves concentration and improves your mood.

Because Ginseng is so versatile, we list the benefits: Energy boost, Greater endurance, More strength, Reduces and balances stress levels, Stabilizes blood sugar levels, Protects cells, Prevents aging, Increases concentration and Improves mood.


Which vitamins are in the Verum Dély Energize?

Vitamin B2

First of allRiboflavin, a synonym for vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 has several functions in the body. It is good for your nervous system and very important in the energy metabolism process from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In addition, it helps protect cells in your body from oxidative damage, which means damage from oxygen. Damage caused by oxygen Yes, that is possible, for example rusting metal or the browning of fruit. Furthermore, vitamin B2 is good for healthy skin and mucous membranes, maintains a good iron level in the blood and helps against fatigue.

Vitamin B3

Niacin is used in the chemical world forvitamin B3. This vitamin also plays an important role in the energy metabolism process. In addition, Niacin also plays an important role in the protein metabolism process. It is also good for your skin and mucous membranes, it is good for your nervous system, it is good for your memory and it helps with fatigue. Thevitamin is immediately absorbed into your blood. If your body does not need it, it is excreted in your urine. It is therefore important to get the vitamin regularly.

Vitamin B8

Biotin is the chemical name ofVitamin B8. You mainly need biotin to release energy from food. Like vitamins B2 and B3, Biotin plays an important role in the energy metabolism process. In addition, the vitamin is also of great importance for a well-functioning nervous system. It also works well for your performance and learning capacity, it is important for good skin and it is good for your hair.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is also calledcobalamin called. Vitamin B12 is especially essential in the production of red blood cells. Forms of anemia are prevented in this way. Red blood cells are important for carrying oxygen around your body. Continue playingcobalamin also plays an important role in breaking down certain amino acids. Also isvitamin B12 important for your nervous system, it provides improved resistance and helps to reduce fatigue.


You just read which ingredients in the Verum Dély Energize provide the taste, boosts and other benefits. The Verum Dély Energize ensures that your coffee habit remains the same, such as the taste and the energy boost, but without caffeine. After reading this blog, you must have developed an appetite for a Verum Dély Energize coffee. Enjoy it!