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We, Crispijn and Erik, know each other from our student days in which we both aspired to be independent. Erik left for Asia and Crispijn started his first company in specialty beer. Four years later, when Erik gained an enormous experience and Crispijn had sold his first company, a common passion brought us together: food.

We have both experienced the impact of nutrition on our lives. Nutrition is the foundation for a successful and happy life. The more we found out about this, the more we began to immerse ourselves in this phenomenon. We started to rethink our eating and drinking habits and this is how we ended up with the use of coffee. More than half of the Dutch people ingest too much caffeine because of the excessive consumption of coffee. As a result, the signal from the sleep molecule adenosine hardly arrives in the brain, which means that one does not experience the natural signs of fatigue. This has an addictive effect on the brain.

How nice would it be if we stopped being dependent on caffeine? We want to show the world that the same effects of coffee are also experienced without caffeine and other unnecessary ingredients and this has brought us to Verum.

More than a year ago, we started the development of this meticulous and intensive process. We discovered that the food world is much more static than it is pictured and that gave our mission extra strength. We started our journey by screening all possible ingredients that stimulate body and mind. The best combinations were researched and gradually we got closer and closer to the recipe. By always going back to the core of Verum we were able to visualise the desired result better and better. After several taste tests with star chefs and scientists we proudly present after more than a year of development:


Crispijn de Koning
Crispijn loves healthy food. He has always been concerned with nutrition from an early age. In the past year, he sold his company in special beers with which, among other things, he brewed beers based on second-chance vegetables. With Verum, Crispijn finally has the product he's been looking for for years, a stimulating coffee alternative without the dependence on caffeine.
Erik Messemaker
Erik loves travelling, culture and food. From an early age he has travelled a lot, lived in many countries and always immersed himself in food. His first step to turn his passion into his work was to set up a matcha brand. With Verum he has now also developed a product that he has dreamed of for years, a coffee alternative that is healthy, tasty and energetic.



Verum means authentic and that’s in the company’s DNA. Being authentic is for Verum, being completely yourself. This is reflected in Verum’s natural products.


Verum has no addictive effect. We grant independence to every human being and therefore Verum is committed to the freedom of body and mind.

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Verum wants to empower and inspire people by consciously dealing with nutrition. With this we contribute to your happiness and potential.